Wilcannia to Bourke

Took the western road from Wilcannia to Bourke along the Darling. Didn’t see much of the river until Tilpa. Very low water level. Road condition is good. The road recently graded for the Louth races next week. Camping overnight at Trilby station a few km short of Louth. We chose a free camp site along the Darling. When in flood the river can be 10km wide over the flood plains. Site totally to ourselves. Open fire going and will wash dishes and us later at the shearers quarters. Property is over 170 thousand acres.
Coffee at the Louth hotel. Met a nice couple from WA. Drove up the eastern side of the river to Bourke. Patches of bitumen between the dirt. All ok though. Lots of dust in the van. Lol
Kidmans camp at Bourke for the next 2 nights. Shorts and tshirt now.

6.30 at the caravan park we went to a show put on by Andrew Hull. A session of poetry around a campfire. Food provided all for $25 each. Great night. See his website here


Trilby Station by the Darling.

Trilby Station by the Darling.

Breakfast by the Darling

Breakfast by the Darling


3 responses to “Wilcannia to Bourke

  1. Hi David and Joy
    Your blog is great! Twenty three degrees! It looks like a heat wave. Snow is expected tomorrow on Mount Lofty. Can’t make 20m tomorrow am, hair cut and Band on Sunday at Strathalbyn. You will remember last year: a warm winter’s day, not likely this year!


    J & J D


  2. Luv following u so far … Your campsite looks awesome …. weather looks great also xx


  3. tracey noblet

    Looks like a great place to spend time in xx


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