Bourke. Population 2000. On the banks of the Darling. How great it must have been in the 1800s with the river boats in full swing. The days when there was plenty of water, before so much was taken for irrigation. There is a drought as well of course at the moment.
A lot of these towns are serviced by the Flying Doctor. Booking sheet on display at the Louth Hotel to book the doctor or dentist at the visit next week.
Fred Hollows did a lot of work here with the indigenous people and is buried here. A whole day to look around.
Heading for Lightning Ridge tomorrow but there is an Opal Festival on so accommodation may be a problem.

Did a tour of the “Back O’Bourke exhibition centre. Watched the Crossley 2 cylinder engine running. Weather cooling now so the next couple of days might have to ditch the shorts.

Problems so far.
Small leak from the water tank outlet.
Fridge door came open on the dirt road. Yogurt mixed with mud. Yuk.
Water leak from under the pressure tap. Extra clamp fixed it.


One response to “Bourke

  1. Hi David and Joy, You are missing some really cold weather here in Adelaide. I hope you are both sorry about that! It looks like you have got on top of the mechanical issues resulting from the gravel road. You might be interested to know I am reading this on my Eeepc, running Debian and the browser is Ice weasel. It found you easily! My new usb wifi adapter has done the trip. Have fun. J & J Dawes


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