Mount Isa

The town although 25000 people is totally dominated by the mine infrastructure on the edge of the town. Weather great, mid 20s and fine. One more night here then off to Camooweal.
Visited the underground hospital today. After Darwin hospital bombed in 1942 Mt Isa got the mine people to dig tunnels for use as a hospital. It was never used and forgotten for many years. In 2000 the site was restored and is now on display for visitors. It took 15 weeks to dig out in 1942 and 4 years to restore. Interesting display of old medical instruments.
First traffic lights since Adelaide. Half way point now in the holiday.

Display of old medical instruments

Display of old medical instruments

Entrance to the "Underground Hospital"

Entrance to the “Underground Hospital”

Inside the "Underground Hospital"

Inside the “Underground Hospital”


One response to “Mount Isa

  1. Hi joy n David.. I wouldn’t like to be in one of those hospital beds in fear the tunnel would collapse We had a 17c overnight and tonight back to 6c the weather is all over the place here but 20c during the week so looking forward to that. If you are half way in your trip, how long before you get back to Adelaide? seems much longer than I thought, but good to hear you are enjoying the travelling and sight seeing (No hurry for the answer) love Denise xx


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