Copy here of an email from the Farina restoration group.
we will be activating VK100ANZAC from the site for 48 hours.


The John Bell Commemoration Ceremony



A joint ceremony (RAAF and Farina Restoration Group)  to commemorate the life of Flight Lieutenant John Bell is to take place at 5pm on Wednesday 17thJune.

A Flyover is scheduled for 5.15pm– 5.30pm.

If you are planning to attend it is recommended that you be there early in the afternoon of the 17thJune.

There is likely to be direct TV coverage on Channel 7 SA.

Flight Lieutenant John Bell’s plaque will be the first to be unveiled on the new memorial wall at the Farina War Memorial precinct.

Flight Lieutenant Bell was among the first air force fatalities in WW2.  As the son of the Farina General storekeeper he is an important part of the Farina story. 

You can read more about him here:


and here:


and here:


It is important that those planning to attend this ceremony note that this is the CURRENT STATUS. 

If the Farina Restoration Group receives any further notifications or changes from the RAAF we will send out a further stop press.



Farina Restoration Group Inc  ABN   37 949 905 799 

 Convenor:                                           Tom Harding                                          tfharding@bigpond.com

Secretary and SA Co-ordinator:        Peter Harris                                            peter.harris@museco.id.au

Treasurer:                                              Bob Brownlee                                        rtcbrownlee@gmail.com

Patrons:                                                  Kevin and Anne Dawes                        farinastation@bigpond.com

Webmaster:                                           Rob Fairweather                                   farinawebmaster@gmail.com

News Correspondent:                         Cathie Gregory                                       farinagroup@hotmail.com

SA Government Contact:                   Outback Communities Authority, PO Box 2353, Port Augusta 5700

Website:                                               www.farinarestoration.com

Facebook Page:                                   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Farina-Restoration-Group-Inc/661076453946573?fref=ts                   




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