Two more sleeps

Two more sleeps till I head off on Monday.

Slept in the swag last night to try and get it right.
Overall I have used it 3 times on the back lawn.
A few weeks ago it was cold. Sleeping bag, pyjamas, beanie. Next time it rained so found the leaks and forgot to cover it properly with the ground sheet. So a few wet spots.
Last night was warm, around 18C. Too hot in the sleeping bag, cool out of it. Given the forecasts for up the Stuart Highway I will ditch the sleeping bag, this saves 1.5Kg, take a sheet and light blanket. So one more try tonight with that configuration. I can always get into my track suit should I encounter really cold nights.


3 responses to “Two more sleeps

  1. found you David have a good trip.


  2. Have a great trip David.


  3. Hi David, I suspect you will only have a couple of ‘possibly’ cold nights this side of Marla: once into the NT is should be warm. I am impressed by the interest shown in the trip by other members of the group. Have fun and you should have a great story to tell.
    John D


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