Darwin. Thursday

Visit to the Darwin Amateur Radio Club this morning.
Welcomr BBQ at the showgrounds at 6 tonight.
Posting home 4 to 5 kg of clothes to lighten up the trip home.
Tomorrow we all get 3 yellow observers shirts, a hat, a timing watch.

More static scrutineering.



University of Adelaide

Cambridge University



Tokai University. One of the favourites for 2015.


Bridgestone provided a BBQ for the 800 people involved.


Just had to get a selfie with Shane Jacobsen. One of Australias best actors.


Jim and Terry received an award for volunteering at all events since the beginning.

2 responses to “Darwin. Thursday

  1. Looks like an incredible experience for you to be part of.


  2. Hi David
    It looks very much as though you are having a good time. It is interesting that you have chosen to lighten your load to come home. I hope the weather stays reasonable in SA?

    John D VK5BJE


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