Darwin. Sunday 18th. Start day.

WoooHooo. Its 4am and sleep has gone. 6am pickup by the team to assemble in parliament square and leave around 8.
In the last 2 weeks I have met people from all walks of life. all ages and many countries of the world. Made many new friends, some will endure, others will pass. All without exception having a passion to see this event succeed. We were lectured yesterday by the clerk of course, superintendent of police, and doctors all with a view to keeping us safe and well. To ensure the event continues. I start with car 88, but will most likely be changed to another car upon reaching Dunmurra. Sleep tonight will be somewhere we find at 5pm. Yes, 5pm all teams stop and make camp for the night. To leave at 8am the following day. All event times are CST, even in SA.
Check the website for live tracking information. Google Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Also a twice daily web tv report. WSCTV.

See yaalll in Adelaide. Bugger that is the Texan teams influence.

Beautiful shower. Possibly the last till Adelaide.




More technolgy in the car than the space shuttle. Lol


Wetting down the panels while in control at Katherine. Arrived 1.06 CST. Leaving after 30 mins


Daly Waters roadhouse for the night. The team all rush out to set the car up for a charge from what’s left of the sun. It will end up on its side facing west.



Support truck.

Looks like I will get a shower and camp on green grass.
580km today. Top speed over 100km per hour.
50k north of Dunmurra. I expect to be moved to another car when we get there tomorrow morning. Telstra cell here so internet ok. No Optus for phone. Email ok

One response to “Darwin. Sunday 18th. Start day.

  1. Safe travels along the way and beware the “Outback Bunyip”


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