Monday 19th.

Good sleep at the Daly Waters roadhouse. Had to get the hotel management to remove a belligerent drunk last night. He wanted to discus the was with the Japanese lads. Most have poor english so it was harassment. Probably get a car change later today. Car 88 is leading the Cruiser class.

5am the camp stirs. I have the key to the battery boxes. The truck and car move to the forecourt of the servo and the car tolted to get a charge from the morning sun. 8am of South. Breakfast in the roadhouse.

Travel today could be around 700km. Depending on the car. The fast Challenger cars are well past us already. Could end up around Ti Tree or Barrow Creek tonight.

1025. Elliott. With car 5 Colombia.

Incident with the car. Canopy blew off. Car did a 360 to the other side. Young lady driving ok. Changed drivers. Happened again after 10 mins. Decision for safety to tape part of the canopy down. Uneventual trip to Tennant Creek.

Waiting to be put in another car.
Car 14 just came in.
South Africa


Car 14 filling up at the control stop

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