Wednesday 21st October

Tuesday night with team 17 we were heading to Erldunda. Looked forward to a grassy spot with a shower. Team spotted a storm near our destination and pulled up 20k north while still in sunshine so the batteries could be charged. Well we got wind, dust, spots of rain and under the rules we stayed here for the night. Dust abated, still windy, lightning in the distance, could be a fun night. 😨😨
Anyway they fed me and I will hit bed shortly and see what the night brings. Lucky I grabbed a shower in Alice Springs.
Time now 8.15 NT time.

The night was warm and windy till about 3am. Then the wind dropped and it became quite cool. Needed the blanket.
5am start again and car positioned to get the first rays of sun on the panels. Breakfast cereal with eggs and bacon.
All ready for an 8am start. Will upload this as we flash through Erldunda where there is a Telstra cell. Could make another 600k today.



Coober Pedy. 4.30 SA time. Change car and move on. Moved back to the other South African team. Both very competitive with each other. Unfortunately the car 14 has problems so we overnight at Coober Pedy.
Shower and green grass to camp on. Well no grass at Coober Pedy.


Last charge for car 14 at Coober Pedy. Note they spray the solar panels with distilled water to cool them.
Spaghetti Bolonaise for tea, yum. Team 14 are awesome cooks.

One response to “Wednesday 21st October

  1. Hi David
    The weather is better than we had on the way to Farina and probably a bit warmer too. However, SA is predicted to be covered in cloud today – that should slow you down!
    John D


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