Friday. October 23rd.

Leaving Port Augusta at 8am this morning. Thats 9am daylight saving time. With car 88 still. The team booked a motel last night so a good sleep.
Expect to be in Adelaide after lunch. In Victoria square.
The last 3 weeks have been a wonderful experience meeting people from all walks of life and 25 plus different countries.


3 phase AC motor. Usually only one wheel driven.

Battle to the finish in Cruiser class between my car 88 Kogakuin uni Japan and team 40 Eidenhoven, Netherlands. We leave 13 mins before them. Live tracking at WSC 2015 website.

Car 88 arrived around 12.30 Friday followed later by 40.
With the Cruiser Class there are other tests to Calculate points for the winner. Tesults at the awards night on Sunday night at the Entertainment cente.

One response to “Friday. October 23rd.

  1. Hi David
    I am really pleased you enjoyed the experience and I look forward to hearing more over coffee soon.
    John D


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