Darwin. Wednesday

Catching up with Spud for breakfast in a while.
Tea last night at the RSL club.

For the technically inclined most cars are driven by AC motors. Check Tritium motor controllers on the net.
DC to AC 3 phase convertors drive the motors rated at 14kw. Eliminates brushes of a DC motor, no sparking or wearing.


Darwin yacht club for tea.


Darwin. Tuesday

Last Cab to Darwin is a great movie. Covers several themes, but especially appropriate as we travelled most of the same route last week.


Today will go and watch the static scrutineering. Here the cars are signed, weighed, batteries and solar panel sizes checked, and much more. Later in the week they have to pass dynamic scrutineering which covers braking distance, on road compliance, vehicle emergengy exit.

Static scrutineering.





This is the trophy they all want.

Darwin, Monday

Hot last night as one would expect. Booked a single room for privacy and security. The dormatories have aircon and the single rooms don’t. Oh well…

Need to lighten my load for the trip home so will send some stuff by post.
Heading out to Hidden Valley again to watch progress.
A few photos from today.




4kw LiPo. All handmade…..😱😱😱😱

Deckchair cinema tonight to see Last Cab to Darwin. How appropriate.

Any comments on my blog are my own and not an official view of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Litchfield to Darwin

Called at Wangi Falls then off to YMCA Darwin.
Arrived round 10.30. Reception closed till 12. Checked in. Room 103 single room on the first floor balcony.
Washed and delivered the Mitsubishi to Hidden Valley.
Lots of activity of all teams, testing and fine tuning.


Team singapore


Team Sweden.

Day six. Mataranka to Litchfield.

Visited the Mataranka Homestead hot springs last night. Pools surrounded by palms, full of bats pooping. Not very special. Great meal in the homestead bistro.


Bitter Springs. Far nicer place.


Couple at Bitter Springs. Cycling from Darwin to Melbourne. Left Turkey 3 years ago on their bikes.
Matt and Anna. Their blog.


Camped at Litchfield Safari Park. 5km past Wangi Falls. Great spot. Grassy sites and good facilities.

Camp spot at Litchfield.

Tea at Litchfield.

Day five.

Renner Springs to Mataranka.
Renner Springs pretty feral.
Tea there and a good night in the swag.
German backpacker has joined us as her contract had finished at the Renner Springs hotel. She will travel to Darwin with us and then return home.

Met Neil Rogers there on his trip


Called in to Newcastle Waters. Largely deserted. Large farmhouse there belonged to Kerry Packer.


On to Daly Waters for lunch at the Pub. Barra Burger.


Camping at Mataranka. Swim in the hot springs. Bats hanging everywhere and pooping everywhere as well.

Day four

Travelling from Ti Tree via Tennant Creek to Renner Springs today. Weather overcast at the moment.

Breakfast at Ti Tree


Morning checks


The cars are ‘Mitsubishi Outlander plug in hybrid’ Grid charge with a plug in unit. A small charge can be gained by engaging the braking charger. Distance on battery about 50km.

Tennant Creek dam.


Friendly visitor.


Renner springs sleeping arrangements.


Day three


Lined all the cars up for a group photo.
Heading to Marla. Have a shower there. Kulgera, Erlunda, Alice Springs, Ti Tree. Great to have a shower after 2 days. Probably no chance for a week on the way home. 😨😨😨 Scary but we will all smell the same.


Alice Springs now on to Ti Tree. Not my favorite place but may have improved since last year.
Someone has spent a lot of money here and is looking good. Arrived 1600 today.
700km day today. Weather overcast and 34C.
Overnight camp Ti Tree


Day two

Leaving in a while for Marla. Can’t see screen for the flies. LOL. Hot night in the swag but had a reasonable sleep. Access through the Telstra wifi dongle. 0730 now, more later.
Spuds roadhouse Pimba.


Army on the move South. Heaps of army convoys.


Tuesday night accommodation.

Heading North today.

Well the day is finally here. Meeting the rest of the drivers at 9am to pick up the cars. Meeting at the Woolworths carpark in Port Augusta to stock up on food. Plan is to leave there around 4pm. Travel north to a camp spot around 100km north for the night.

Leaving this morning. My driving mate Peter Collins.
At Port Pirie for lunch 1.30.
Port Augusta to pick up supplies then on 100km to camp the night. 39C here now.

Overnight camp.


Rissoles and flies for tea. Set up for the night. Marla tomorrow.